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New Release – Station 2 Smoked Lager

Hoodletown's Station 2 Smoky Lager in a pint glass with a growler next to it posed in front of a fire pit.

Special brew to celebrate Dover Fire Dept.’s 150th Anniversary, this German lager is similar to a Marzen it its toasty & caramel flavor but the addition of Beechwood smoked malt gives this beer its characteristic smoky, bacon-like flavor.

New Release – 8 Lakes IPA

8 Lakes IPA

New on tap is our 8 Lakes IPA! This new West Coast IPA pays homage to the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District. This year marks the 90th anniversary that the district has provided flood protection to our area and recreational opportunities…

New Brew – Sex on the Hill

Sex on Hoodle Hill Fruit Beer

New on tap is our new fruit beer we call “Sex on the Hill”! This new beer is our Hoodle Hill taken to the next level by adding tangerine, peach, and cranberry purée. “Sex on the Hill” is Hoodletown’s beer…

New Brew – Storia Coffee Blonde

Storia Blonde Coffee

New on tap is Storia Coffee Blonde! We are very excited to announce that we partnered with Sugarfuse for this coffee blonde by using their house brand coffee. We added gallons of their delicious Storia Cold Brew to make this…

New Brew – American IPA

Hoodletown Brewery's American IPA beer

New on tap is our American IPA! Our American IPA is hop-forward, yet low in bitterness. This style of beer presents dank and floral up front, followed by candied pineapple notes, with a dry and resinous finish.

New Brew – Trailberry Cobbler

Hoodletown Brewery trailberry cobbler

Tart, creamy, and delicious! Trailberry Cobbler is brewed using similar techniques to the crowd favorite ‘Fuzzy Udder’, but while the lactose remains the peach is swapped out for blackberry. Additions of cinnamon, vanilla, and a few other secret ingredients bring…

New Brew – Czech Pilsner

Hoodletown Brewery Czech Pilsner

New on tap is our Czech Pilsner! This is a bright, hoppy Pilsner with a dry finish, sure to quench the thirst of hop heads and lager drinkers alike. A crackery grain character complements the moderate bitterness and floral/spicy notes…